Sunday, 20 July 2008

Fostering Pro-Poor Local Economic Development

With three colleagues, I started small research about pro-poor local economic this year. We are drafting a position paper that centers on the issue how rural poor people can engage in market economic activities in a sustainable way. The principal question that we try to answer is: which development efforts have a positive impact on economic outcomes at the household level?

Since Wageningen International focuses much on capacity development, we also specifically look at the capacities required among local policy makers and (semi-public) service deliverers to foster local economic development. The conceptual framework we use for the research is the sustainable livelihood framework.

In this research we did a literature review and will conduct interviews with key informants in the Netherlands (ICCO, Oxfam Novib, SNV, DGIS, LNV, Solidaridad, Agriterra, WUR and the embassy of Tanzania and South Africa). In 2009 we will continue produce the position paper, followed by a seminar to disseminate the findings. Our intention is to explore a future course on local economic development for local policy makers and service deliverers in developing countries.

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