Monday, 17 November 2008

Training Programmatic Approach ICCO facilitators Asia

In 2008, Wageningen International implemented a learning trajectory for ICCO on their new 'Programmatic Approach'. In this new approach ICCO will move away from projects in developing countries to larger programmes that will be developed by coalitions of partners working towards the same goal. In the course of the year we conducted 7 modules for about 70 ICCO staff in Utrecht about the underlying concepts and practical tools that you can use in the programmatic approach.

On 12-13 November we conducted a tailor-made training on the programmatic approach for 4 facilitators from ICCO in Asia. These facilitators will develop new ICCO programmes with partners in the field of HIV/AIDS in three countries (see link at the ICCO website. The training was well appreciated and we will do continue to support the facilitators in their work.

In 2009 Wageningen International will continue with another learning trajectory for ICCO in Utrecht, both for dutch staff and for newly recruited staff in different regional offices.

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