Wednesday, 17 December 2008

SNV Kenya Writeshop

From 7-9 December I conducted a write shop for SNV Kenya in Nanyuki, Kenya. A write shop is a workshop in which participants take time to document something they have been working on.

For this write shop SNV Kenya advisors from different sectors (water/sanitation, livestock, education, tourism) and portfolio teams in Kenya (Northern, Mid-rift) had prepared case studies of projects. The write shop was used to sharpen the case studies, discuss it with SNV partners/clients, sometimes merge cases into a new one and to develop summaries of the cases for the upcoming SNV annual report.

It was the first time for me to do a write shop of this kind. I was happy to work together with a professional editor, Clare McGregor, and I definitely learned a lot about writing myself.

The write shop was very well received and the participants will finalize their cases over the next month for editing by Clare. We hope to do more of these write shops for SNV in the future.

See video below about the writeshop.


  1. Hee jouwert, wat leuk een professionele weblog! Weet iedereen hier van? Misschien de rest ook even enthousiasmeren :)!

    groetjes, Petra (Schlooz)