Friday, 10 April 2009

SNV Uganda - Third MSP Course

From 30 March to 3 April I facilitated another Multi-stakeholder course for SNV-Uganda in Kampala. This was the third course Wageningen International has done for SNV to increase the capacity on multi-actor engagement.

In May 2008 a 4-day course was facilitated with senior advisors and portfolio
coordinators. In August 2008 a 4-day follow-up was conducted focused on a
value chain approach to MSPs. This course in 2009 is the last one in the
series and included another group of SNV advisors from 3 sectors and 4

This training introduced the concepts and practice of how to facilitate change
processes through a MSP approach as understood and practiced by
Wageningen International.

This last MSP course as part of the learning programme for SNV Uganda that
started in 2008 was mainly focused at consolidating the capacity on MSPs in
SNV Uganda. It involved a group of advisors that has been working on MSPs
before, but did not take part in previous courses. It allowed for the
development of a common language and approach to Multi-stakeholder

It has been a rewarding programme to work with SNV and I hope the relationship will continue to grow.

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