Monday, 7 December 2009

Change Alliance Launch

From 2-3 December 2009, over 60 development professionals, academics and development activist from all over the world gathered in Wageningen, the Netherlands, to launch The Change Alliance.

The Change Alliance is an emerging global network of organisations joining forces to increase the effectiveness of the multi-stakeholder processes with which they engage. Its aim is to help improve the quality of the design, dialogue, learning, and facilitation, on which these processes depend. The logic of the Alliance is that complex problems demand a new dynamic of how governments, citizens, business and civil society organisations work together. The Alliance functions by linking specific multi-stakeholder 'learning sites' with a global learning and knowledge sharing platform.

At Wageningen UR - CDI we have been at the foundation of the Change Alliance, together with the Generative Change Community, ICCO, SNV and IDS. Over the past two years we have invested a lot of time and energy to get the initiative off the ground. The Launch Event was the first reality check to see if there is enough interest to get the initiative going. Below an interview of Hettie Walters, chair of the Change Alliance foundation group about the importance of the Alliance.

The Launch event was very inspirational and has given the Alliance a real boost. We are looking forward to seeing concrete actions from people and organisations to share and learn about multi-actor engagement. More information about the change alliance, where you can also find out how to join the initiative: . More information about the Launch Event with more videos, pictures, background documents and reports can be found here.

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