Monday, 28 September 2009

Multi-Stakeholder Process Course 2009

From 7-25 September I facilitated the yearly international course on Multi-Stakeholder Processes and Social Learning at Wageningen International. We had a great group of 30 participants from 12 countries and various sectors. They were all practitioners in multi-stakeholder engagement, from government, private sector, NGOs or science fields.

The first week focused mostly on concepts, theories and tools for analysing and facilitating multi-stakeholder processes. The participants used their own cases for extensive analysis, discussion and sharing.

In the second week, we deepened some of the issues and applied learning in different ways. A role play was done about multi-actor conflict in natural resource management and we also organised a seminar about the interface between research and policy within the context of multi-actor processes.

The last week included a field research about multi-stakeholder visioning and planning in rural Friesland, the north of the Netherlands. The participants studies a process of village visioning around issues of spatial planning in which local villages, municipalities and provincial government all worked together.

At the end of the course each participant went on to make a personal action plan to implement the learning in their own organisations or multi-stakeholder processes.

Again, it has been a worthwhile experience with dedicated participants and a great course faculty. Below an animoto video with our experiences of the three weeks. Enjoy!

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